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Twelve Months, Twelve Photographic Masters: List of Artist-Specific Books

I’ve spent some time looking into books and online articles about the first baker’s dozen of photographic artists we will be studying in this group. The following is a list that appeals to me and that might save you some time, if you are planning on purchasing any such books. If you have sources that you like, please share your wisdom.

January: Freeman Patterson. “Photography and the Art of Seeing,” by Freeman Patterson. “Photography for the Joy of It: An Introductory Workshop for Film and Digital Photography,” by Freeman Patterson and Andre´ Gallant. “Photography of Natural Things,” by Freeman Patterson. In addition to these book recommendations, a member of the study group has suggested the following interview:

February: Philippe Halsman. “Astonish Me,” by Sam Stourdze and Anne Lacoste.

March: Henri Cartier-Bresson. “Henri Cartier-Bresson: Interviews and Conversations (1951-1998),” by Henri Cartier-Bresson (Author), Clémont Chéroux (Foreword), and Julie Jones (Foreword). “Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Man, The Image & The World: a Retrospective,” by Philippe Arbaizar and Jean Clair.

April: Martha Swope. “Martha Graham: Portrait of the Lady as an Artist,” by Leroy Leatherman (Author) and Martha Swope (Photographer).

May: Brooke Shaden. “Inspiration in Photography: Train Your Mind to Make Great Art a Habit,” by Brooke Shaden.

June: Dorothea Lange. “Dorothea Lange: Photographs of a Lifetime: An Aperture Monograph,” by Robert Coles (Author), Dorothea Lange (Photographer), and Therese Heyman (Contributor).

July: W. Eugene Smith. “W. Eugene Smith: His Photographs and Notes,” an Aperture Monograph by W. Eugene Smith.

August: Arnold Newman. “Materclass: Arnold Newman,” by William A. Ewing.

September: Scott Kelby. “Professional Sports Photography Workflow,” by Scott Kelby. “Peter Read Miller on Sports Photography: A Sports Illustrated photographer's tips, tricks, and tales on shooting football, the Olympics, and portraits of athletes,” by Peter Read Miller.

October: Diane Arbus. “Diane Arbus: An Aperture Monograph: Fortieth-Anniversary Edition,” by Diane Arbus. “Diane Arbus: Revelations,” by Diane Arbus.

November: Robert Mapplethorpe. “Robert Mapplethorpe: The Photographs,” by Paul Martineau and Britt Salvesen. “Robert Mapplethorpe: The Archive,” by Frances Terpak, and Michelle Brunnick, with essays by Patti Smith and Jonathan Weinberg.

December: Erik Johansson. “Imagine,” by Erik Johansson. “Adobe Master Class: Advanced Compositing in Adobe Photoshop CC: Bringing the Impossible to Reality,” by Bret Malley.

Baker’s dozen (a teaser for 2019): Uta Barth. “Uta Barth,” by Uta Barth, Matthew Higgs, Pamela M. Lee, Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe, Joan Didion, and Sheryl Conkelton.

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